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Rev. Marshall Pihulyk

God has called me to walk together with everyone especially the lost, lonely and those searching for unconditional love. He has placed in my heart the desire to bless, teach, and grow with others, while revealing to them the deeper mysteries of His word. We acknowledge this can only be achieved by the gift of the Holy Spirit moving in and amongst us. Our expressions of worship and prayer are charismatic in flavour and we always wait expectantly for the promptings of the Spirit

Your ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying This is the way, walk in it Isaiah 30:21

Rev. Dr. Ouida Pihulyk 


Pastor Ouida believes her God mission is to be an "encourager", defining encouragement to include the spiritual direction of others as they journey on their God given path. Moving in all her spiritual gifts enables her to discern and help others to perceive, hear and interpret the will of God.

As an anointed teacher of God's word her preaching style has been called "simply profound" as she is able to boldly impart the bread of deep truths in easily digestible bites with humour and frankness.

In Him we live and move and have our being Acts 17:28

Women's Leader Rev. Debra Kavluk


Youth Ministry Rene Canning


Missions Bonnie Howes